Yellow New Orleans Style Voodoo Doll


Voodoo doll for happiness and good luck
Perfect for spiritual cleansing, blessing, and protection
Hand made and Blessed in New Orleans, Louisiana


About the Doll

This is a Louisiana moss voodoo doll handcrafted in New Orleans  by voodoo practitioner and fine artist Lisa B. Each of her  dolls is approximately 8” tall and comes pre charged, blessed and with instructions on how to work your magic spell. The doll pictured is dressed in yellow. Different colors have different meanings and are for different intentions and therefore different outcomes. i.e. Yellow’s intention is for business success, more self confidence and/or personal charm.


Dolls may be ordered by color or intention. (See color/intention list below) We do white magic only for only good Karma. Dolls may vary slightly because they are all handmade.