Spirit of the Loa Herbal Bar Soap


Loa are spirits of Voodoo and are referred to as mysteres or invisibles. They are intermediaries between the Supreme Creator and humanity. They are guardians that instill wisdom and truths to those that call upon them.
The oil blend in this soap is imbued with the energy of the Loa and will help you connect to that energy if you so desire.
It contains:
Glycerin, Olive Oil, Proprietary Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend, Mica, Organic Herbs & Botanicals.

Handmade in New Orleans, Louisiana
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Voodoo Soaps

Time, energy, care & love go into the making and blessing of these products, which are to be used for your heart’s desire. They have been blessed and can only be used for good. Use them to attract love, money, good luck, & health. While using these products, concentrate on the things you wish to attract into your life, or you may write your heart’s desire on a piece of parchment and set the product on it before use. Concentrating too much of your thoughts on those habits or things you don’t want in your life, may actually draw them in. Concentrate your energy on what you wish to attract……
These soaps have been made with the finest essential oils and organic botanicals and are made with recipes that have been crafted with the collaboration of a voodoo priestess in New Orleans, more than 20 years ago.