"One of the most unique and interesting small museums in the country"

We take all the mysteries, the secrets, the history, and the folklores of rituals, zombies, of gris-gris, of Voodoo Queens and all that jazz, and put it all in one place at the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter

Activities and Offerings


Museum Walkthrough

A permanent staple in New Orleans, and a “must do” for visitors since 1972, This tour of the museum is a great place to visit with family or friends to explore inside the museum and learn about the rich culture that shapes this unique city. Once inside you can see historic voodoo relics, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts.


Cemetery Tours

The Voodoo Museum offers Walking Tours to the nearby St. Louis Cemetery (the City of the Dead) and the tomb of Marie Laveau. The tour includes Congo Square and other features. Tours are scheduled daily. A 24-hour advance notice is recommended to schedule. Also, a two person minimum is normally required but, please check first for availability


Readers and Practitioners

The Voodoo Museum may assist interested persons in special services such as psychic readings, consultations, special gris-gris, rituals and ceremonies. While the museum does not provide these services directly, we may facilitate contacts with contemporary practitioners who may, upon mutual interest and consent, provide such services.


Academic Research and Media Assistance

For over 35 years the Voodoo Museum has helped students from grade school, to Ph.D. candidates, excel in their projects. Writers, movie producers and documentary filmmakers have long relied on the Voodoo Museum for advice, guidance and general assistance.


Museum Self-Guided Tour

Walk through the entire museum packed with information and examples of voodoo history and practices. Learn about the culture and beliefs of voodoo in this adventurous and educational self-guided tour.

Starting at $8 | Open from: 10AM-6PM

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Voodoo Cemetery Tour

Discover the true history and culture of New Orleans Voodoo with a guided tour of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum and other local voodoo attractions, including Congo Square, Marie Laveau's house and St. Louis cemetery.
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From: $32 | Duration: 2hrs | Starting at: 9AM, 12PM

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Voodoo Shop

Shop local New Orleans handmade Voodoo dolls, candles, gris-gris bags and Fine Art by Voodoo Charlie, the original owner of the Voodoo Museum, and local artists.
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