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Fortune TellerIn Voodoo, the ability to prognosticate, to guide and to impart divine knowledge comes from the practitioner’s ability to become an oracle through the spirits communicate. It is neither a physical, nor an occult, nor a calculated act, but an intercession with the spirits.

The Voodoo Museum may make available certain individuals, experienced in Voodoo, who act in such capacities, commonly called readers. The value of any such psychic reading lies in the confidence the supplicate has in the reader.  Neither the Voodoo Museum, nor any reader, or practitioner, can guarantee any cause, effect or validation. The remuneration transferred to the reader or for any such service is in compensation for the reader's time only and does not imply any other offer or contract. 

John T.John T: Unless otherwise requested, the primary psychic reader that consults by referral is John T. Both a Voodoo priest and an adept in other spiritual disciplines he has earned a steady and consistent reputation both locally and worldwide.  He has been a consistent and familiar presence in New Orleans for over two decades. In addition to the basic psychic reading, he does consultations, special gris-gris and small rituals. 

The fee for a Reading by telephone is $40.00.
The fees for other services are negotiable and usually start at $50.00.

Please feel free to contact the museum via telephone or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any questions or concerns prior to engaging any reader or practitioner, or to schedule a reading.
Payments can be made by credit card via telephone or by clicking here.



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