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Marie Laveau's TombWhen Marie Laveau was the reigning Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, no one who knocked at her door seeking help was ever turned away. When she died, in 1881, her spirit continued to work for the people of New Orleans. And so, to this day, the hopeful come to her tomb, knock and make their pleas.

St. Louis Cemetery #1, on Basin Street, is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans and the original, “City of the Dead.”  

The Voodoo Museum’s Voodoo-Cemetery Walking Tour is original and unique. The highlight is the visit to the tomb of Marie Laveau. While en route, you will visit Congo Square, St. Expedité and have a chance to meet, and talk to, a contemporary Voodoo priestess. Some of the subjects covered include Voodoo the “dancing” religion, Voodoo and the creation of Jazz, rituals, gris-gris, Voodoo Queens, zombies, the reason for jazz funerals, how Voodoo disguises itself in plain sight, the connection to Mardi Gras, the relationship between Voodoo and the Catholic Church, a full tour of the St. Louis Cemetery, and the answers to almost any question about Voodoo, or New Orleans you can ask.

The tours begin at the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum and automatically include Free Admission to the Museum.

The cost per person $19.00 for Adults ... and $10.00 for Children (ages 12 and under).

New York Times storyTours are scheduled daily at either 10:30AM or 1:00PM (except no 1:00pm on Sundays). A 24 hour advance notice is recommended to schedule (and upon doing so, a deposit for at least one person is usually requested). Also, a two person minimum is normally required but, please check to see if any others are already scheduled if you are alone. The tour normally lasts about 2½ to 3 hours.

To participate in any of our tours, please select from one of following three options:

  1. To RESERVE as date and time, please fill in the SCHEDULING FORM below and make a single admission DEPOSIT of $19.00 by clicking here.
  2. To RESERVE and PAY for a tour in advance, please fill in SCHEDULING FORM below and make a full PAYMENT at $19.00 per number of persons attending by clicking here.
  3. To attend a tour with a confirmed reservation, please notify us at the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum either by telephone (504-680-0128), or email, at least one day in advance.

Congo SquareNOTE: Deposits may, or may not, be refundable given sufficient advance notice. The following policy applies. Deposits are usually non-refundable, however if you wish to change the time or date of a tour at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit will be adjusted and recredited. Payments made in advance can also be recredited to changes with 24 hour advance notice. Cancellations on prepayment made at least 24 hours in advance will be made minus the cost of a Deposit ($19.00). For Group Rates (10 or more) or special arrangements, please contact the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum via telephone or email. In any case where a deposit, or payment is made via credit card or automated processing, a 5% processing fee will be deduced and withheld from the refund.
The FORM below is for SCHEDULING ONLY ... to pay or reserve in advance please click on the link (in red) above.

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